Our People


We employ over 10 engineers who between them cover a wide range of disciplines and trained to the highest standards with over 150 years collective experience. Our qualifications include:

  • City & Guilds NVQ Level 2 & 3
    Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating
  • City & Guilds
    Commercial Skills
  • City & Guilds
  • CCN 1
    (Natural) Gas Safety Training & Assessment Domestic Core & Appliances
  • CEN 1
    Domestic Gas Fired Central Heating Hot Water Boilers & Circulators up to 70kW
  • DAH 1
    Assessment Gas Duct Air Heaters Gas Safety Assessment – Domestic Warm Air
  • WAH 1
      Gas Water Heating Appliances
  • CKR 1
    Gas Safety Assessment for Domestic Gas Cookers
  • HTR 1
    Domestic Space Heating
  • CODNC 01
    Commercial Gas Qualifications
  • TPCP1A
    Testing & Purging Commercial Gas Pipework
  • CIGA 1
    Install, Commission, Service, Repair and Breakdown of Commercial 
    Indirect fired heating appliances and equipment
  • COCATA 1
    Gas Commercial Catering
  • CODC 1
    Changeover Domestic to Commercial Catering Gas Safety
  • COMCAT 2
    Commercial Catering Appliances – Gas Safety Assessment
  • Baxi Solarflo Training
    Installation of On-roof Collector Panels
  • Vaillant EcoMax 800/600
    Air Conditioning Installation
  • Vaillant Specialist Equipment
    Training on various specialist equipment
  • Health & Safety (H&S)
    WH01, MH01, COSHH – Level 2 Aware in H&S in the workplace
  • Water Regulations
    Water Supply (Water Fitting) Regulations 1999 and Water Byelaws
    2000 (Scotland)
  • NICEIC Certification
    Installation and Servicing of Domestic Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems
  • NICEIC Certification, Solar Thermal Hot Water
    Design, Installation, Commission, Service and Maintenance of Solar 
    Thermal Hot Water Systems
  • ASHP 01
    Design, Install, Commission, Service and Maintenance of Air Source 
    Heat Pumps, with a design output not exceeding 45kW
  • GSHP 01
    Design, Install, Commission, Service and Maintenance of Ground Source 
    Heat Pumps, with a design output net exceeding 45kW
  • CPA1
    Combustion Performance Analysis
  • Mechanical Engineering Services
    Plumbing (Domestic)
  • Plumbing
    Basic Studies
  • Nibe Air/Water Heat Pumps
    Foundation Training
  • Nibe Exhaust Air Heat Pumps
    Foundation Training
  • Nu Heat Certification, Heat Pumps
    Installation and Commissioning, Stage 2
  • DISQ
    Domestic Installer Scheme Qualification
    Central Heating Boilers & Hot Water Heaters – Domestic Gas Appliance Training
  • GNVQ Level 2 & 3