Water Leak


What to do if you have a water leak.

Inside the home

If you have a water leak in your home, you should turn off the stop valve and contact a plumber immediately. It is advisable to keep our contact number to hand for future reference.

Do not touch any electrical switches/plug sockets/etc.

Turn off the electrical mains supply at the fuse box or circuit board.

You should call an electrician to make sure the electrics are safe.

Outside – on your property

Water leaks on mains can be slow and gradual so will not be noticed for a while, or they can occur very quickly where you will see the water almost immediately. If the leak is on your property, it is likely to be a fault on your supply pipe which you are responsible for. Again, you should immediately turn off the stop valve and call Bushby. 

If there is a leak outside your boundary, call the water supplier and they should repair the pipes as quickly as possible.