If You Can Smell Gas


What to do if you can smell gas.

  1. Call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999
  2. Turn off the gas supply at the meter

How to turn off your gas supply

  1. Find the gas Emergency Control Valve. This is often outside in a meter box. If not, look under the stairs, under the kitchen sink and in the garage.
  2. Turn the Emergency Control Valve’s handle a quarter turn.
  3. After turning the lever should be at 90 degrees to the Emergency Control Valve’s body.


  1. Open all doors and windows.
  2. Do not turn any electrical switches on or off, including your TV, computer, oven, etc.
  3. Put out any naked lights, e.g. hob or candles. Do not smoke, strike matches or do anything that could cause ignition.
  4. Open any electric doors or gates manually.